If you’re an avid mountain biker, then you’ll love New Hampshire. New Hampshire is actually home to a lot of beautiful mountain biking trails that have a lot of stunning sceneries and have very challenging terrains. Here are some of the trails that you’ll be able to find here:

Kingman Farm

This trail is owned by the University of New Hampshire and is great for beginner mountain bikers and rookies. It’s not that challenging as it is just a single track that’s pretty smooth. Nevertheless, it’s got a lot of amazing sceneries around the area.

Moose Brook State Park

Another smooth mountain bike trail, this park is actually a big camping area with over 50 campsites. It’s not just for riding, but it’s also great for hiking and camping trips. Overall, it’s more of a family place wherein you can enjoy a lot of recreational activities.

Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook is a little more challenging than the first two mentioned. It has a lot of rocky tracks, making it a little bit harder to ride for a newbie. This is a 2,000-acre land that offers a lot of fun for the more experienced bikers.

Eastside Trail Network

Eastside Trail Network is a very popular trail among locals and outside visitors. It was created by Local Riders and the White Mountain NEMBA. It’s perfect for all levels of bike riders because there are trails for beginners, novices, and experts. That way, everyone can ride together in the same place.

Bear Brook State Park

By far, the best trail in New Hampshire is the Bear Brook State Park. It cuts through New Hampshire’s biggest state park offering beautiful sceneries and a lot of fresh air. There are also both double and single tracks for your own preference. There’s also a place to swim after you’ve worked up a sweat riding your bike.

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