Perfumes and colognes enlighten your mood. They are like icing on the cake. Some may see them as a luxury, but on top of it all, they make you feel complete, complementing your exquisite style. Given their importance, traveling without either of them may not be to your liking.

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Traveling with your favorite perfume, however, may prove to be challenging. From TSA’s requirements to the packaging challenges especially for the glass bottled perfume that makes it hard to carry around due to spillage or breaking and messing with your stuff, there is no shortage of travel packing troubles.

Choose One Fragrance

Sure, you want to carry with you different fragrances, but how are you going to get passed the TSA? You are definitely inviting unnecessary attention. Avoid it by choosing one fragrance; it will also save you from the stress of packing multiple items in your travel bag. Use your destination as a guide for choosing the kind of fragrance that best suits your trip. For example, if you’re connecting with nature’s beautiful scents, go with that tropical fragrance.

Take On Free Sample Vials

Apart from being free, the sample vials are just the right size for your travel concerns. Vials are compact yet effective as they hold enough perfume that you can use for a couple of days. Next time you visit your beauty shop, pile up some vials and save them for your travel time.

Embrace The Atomizers

Your favorite perfumes might not come in small bottles that are travel-friendly. An atomizer will come in handy during your travels. All you need to do is fill your atomizer with your favorite perfume, and you are ready to go. A refillable atomizer or simply a spray bottle is economical as well since buying bigger bottled fragrances is arguably cheaper, and you won’t have to worry every time you plan to travel.

Consider The Roll-On Version

A simple-to-carry perfume is what you get with the roll-on version or what is also known as the travel version. Roll-on perfumes are packaged in a compact way so that they can fit in your purse during travels. They are way easier to use since they are packaged in a way that the spray nozzle retracts like lipstick. They give you the convenience you need for your travels.

Powder and Solid Perfumes

Powder and solid perfumes may be an unusual choice, but they are more convenient to carry during plane travels. Plus, they are solid and powder-based, so the TSA will most likely not bug you with restrictions.

Now that you have safely traveled with your perfume, the next step is to use it conservatively to ensure it serves you longer. The easiest hack is to use your perfume after your skin is well hydrated. This ensures that the perfume stays on your skin; not in your skin. Spraying it to your clothes and hair also helps since it sticks on fabric much longer than on the skin.

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