The winter season in New Hampshire indeed makes people shiver down their spine due to the biting cold and thick snows that are piled up everywhere. In New Hampshire, you will see a whole village that is covered with white snows during the winter season; the ponds, lakes, and streams are all frozen. Look up and top of the roofs and trees are heavily adorned with white magical snowflakes.

Wear Proper Winter Gears

Aside from vitamins and skin protection, always wear proper gears to protect yourself from the biting cold of winter snows. Always prepare your luggage full of thick custom hoodies for the winter season along with some layering thermal shirts, winter jackets, fleece pants, and sturdy snow boots to keep you warm at all times.

Stock Grocery Items Earlier

Since you have already anticipated when there is an upcoming winter storm, you should have prepared and bought everything that you need from the grocery stores. Just like ants, you should also have stocked enough grocery supplies for the winter season. Try to minimize going outdoors as much as possible if you do not have any important activities to attend to.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Aside from minimizing outdoor activities during the cold season, take lots of vitamins C and D regularly to boost your immune system and protect yourself from sickness due to the cold weather and less exposure to sunlight. It’s also advisable to carry a hand sanitizer with you always as you can no longer tolerate frequent hand wash with cold water. Also, have your handy set of lip balm, hand lotion, and face and body moisturizer ready at all times to prevent itchy and dry skin.

Wake Up Earlier

If you are employed or if you have scheduled appointment to attend to during a winter day, and you have to drive your own car, you should always set your alarm clock earlier than your regular wake up time because you have to dig up your car from the thick pile of snow before you can finally go off for a drive towards your office. You better get up earlier than be late.

Learn The Penguin Walk

When walking on the snowy yard, try to imitate a penguin walk. Penguins take small steps and keep the balance at the center of their front foot to prevent them from falling off to the snowy ground.

Bring Flashlights Everywhere

During the winter season, lots of power block out will most likely occur. Thus, you need to bring plenty of batteries for your flashlight and carry them everywhere to keep you always ready to light up your way in case of sudden power shutdown.

Listed above are just some of the simple tips on how to survive your first encounter of New Hampshire’s winter season. Make sure to follow them to the letter especially if you are not used to experiencing the winter season. This way, you can be safe and have fun while ice skating. Snowshoeing, ice fishing, winter camping, or simply playing with snow.

The site might be somehow entertaining and fascinating to gaze from afar, but the cold can be too difficult to endure, especially if it is your first time to encounter the winter season. To guide you through the winter season in New Hampshire, we’ve listed some tips for you to follow.

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