Airport security is an important aspect for the safety of millions of travelers and airport employees as well. With the building of more airports and more people travelling, terrorist attacks and kidnapping of aircraft have become a norm in many airports. For this reason, there is a need for proper airport security operation or even an instant background check like . The security team at the airport must control restricted places, set proper security regulations, and of their technology. The following are some of the specific ways airport security can be further enhanced.

•    Access control
•    Mass notification
•    Business intelligence
•    Video surveillance
•    Internal communications
•    Identity management

Moreover, airports should have a security platform that is mobile, flexible, and smart to ensure efficiency. Below are tips on how airports can improve their levels of security.

Centralizing airport platform

Airports can boost their security by centralizing their platforms. Airports can install CCTV’s and sensors for proper surveillance of in and out movements of people. Sensors should be checked to ensure that they can detect any harmful substances such as bombs in the airport and other illegal arms such as guns.

Installation of security screening lanes

Airports should install security screening lanes with conveyor belts that move carry-on bags mechanically via the X-ray scanner and then capture images of items and bags before they go through the airport. Moreover, radio frequency identification should be installed in bins for accountability of things moving through the system. Bags having harmful materials should be placed aside as other passenger bags continuously go through.

CT scans

Computed tomography scans are a staple in most airports. This scan uses the same technology like  that of hospitals and is available even in 3D. Other forms of CT scans include COBRA and ConneCT. These can allow passengers to keep liquids and their laptops in their suitcases at the checkpoint. It also collects plenty of information than the normal X-ray sca

nner, thus enhancing security within the airport further.

Using CSIMs for response

Airports should install CSIMs that ensure that responses are displayed in real-time. This improves the standard operations procedures as they ensure that procedures are adhered to, with real-time recordings that can be checked later. Responders are also given a chance to envisage proceeding incidents geographically, or they can reach down deep information and build videos and plans.All the security equipment employed should ideally be verified by a background check to ensure that they’re safe and operational.s

Careful staff selection

It would be a huge trouble if the troublemakers are the staff itself. Every airport staff should have proper credentials and qualifications to ensure that they’re both experienced and safe.


There are many measures that can be implemented in airports to enhance security. Some such as CSIM go beyond security such as improving other areas of operations and saving costs. Once employees are trained on how to use some of these systems, airports can achieve better efficiency.  There are indeed a lot of ways to ensure that airport security is guaranteed. With the threats continually sprouting here and there, security should never be taken for granted in the airports and beyond.

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