Perhaps, the most incredible thing happens in life is when a hobby like writing becomes a profession. The truth is that writing goes through a lot of transformational processes. Even a cheap essay writing contest is not a piece of cake. It goes through a lot of humps on a bumpy road. Becoming an author takes a lot of immense courage to be able to reach the top. There are many success stories of authors that started from scratch and have made significant changes. One of the famous state in the US that have ultimately produced a lot of popular authors is New Hampshire.

Famous Authors in New Hampshire

Who would have thought that this small US state with lots of quaint towns and huge wilderness produced numerous famous authors that are now popular all around the world. From John Irving who has made the famous book ‘The Cider House Rules’ who got international attention to Jane Kenyon for her books that unfolds about depression, New Hampshire will definitely showcase the world how good their people are in writing.

Jodi Picoult

The famous author of the book ‘The Ten Circle’, ‘Vanishing Act’, and ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ became the recipient of the 2003 New England Bookseller’s Association. She had her master’s degree in education from Harvard and received an A.B. in creative writing from Princeton. Some of her books have made in the television movies and are translated into thirty-four languages. She recently made five issues from the series of DC Comic’s Wonder Woman.

Dan Brown

The controversial ‘The Vinci Code’ written by Dan Brown became the center of intellectual debate among scholars and readers. His top selling book had made almost 200 million copies around the world and is translated into 56 languages. Dan Brown was dubbed in TIMES Magazine as one of the 100 Influential People of the World.

Tomie dePaola

His significant contribution to the literature for children made him a substantial author and received a grant from the Laura Ingalls Wilders Award. Tomie dePaola has written over 200 books that reached 15 million copies worldwide in 2011. One of the famous books he made was Strega Nona.

Alice Fogel

Alice Fogel has been an 8th-time Pushcart Nominee and a famous Poet Laureate in the state of New Hampshire.  She is also considered the best poetry writer and authored the book ‘The Significant Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for the Reluctant Reader (2009)’. She finished her B.A. in Literature and Arts in Antioch College and earned her master’s degree at the University of Hampshire.

Beth Krommes

Beth Krommes is an illustrator from Peterborough, New Hampshire who won the 2009 Randolph Caldecott Medal. She also won the 2002 Golden Kite Award and is famous in children’s literature.

The world of literature will not become significant without these popular authors connected from New Hampshire. Their written works in poetry, novels, children literature, and their awards is an avenue for a more purposeful reading and writing.

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