As a cyclist, you need a car that will accommodate your bike without bending the saddles of the bike, chipping the car paint, damaging the upholstery, car parts,  Best radiator flush and still allow the boot to close. So, if you want to transport your bike from one place to another, then below is a list of cars that will be suitable for you:

1. Land Rover SUV

This car allows you to fold down the rear seats, allowing you to fit the bike with ease. It also comes with a tow bar that allows you to carry up to three bikes. If you have a step ladder handy, there is the option of having the bike mounted on the roof fork. In total, the land rover SUV has a capacity of holding two bikes in the boot, three on the tailgate, and two on the roof. This makes it suitable for the most ambitious cycling vacation that you can think of.

2. Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb estate is comfortable, practical, well equipped and, on top of that, reasonably priced. It has a large boot, and if you fold the rear seats, you can hold two bikes. If you do not want dirt to accumulate inside your car, you can buy a bike rack or a set of roof rails. With these two installed, you can still bring your bike with you while maintaining cleanliness in your car.

3. Mercedes E Class Estate

This car has taken all the pieces from all the other Mercedes to come up with one superb car. The downside is that it has a slightly smaller boot than the Skoda Superb Estate and costs a little bit more. But, with this car, you can be assured of a luxurious and quiet car. Just like the superb Estate, it can accommodate a tow bar of up to three bikes and roof rails for two bikes. The tow bar mounted rack is around £700 and the roof rails are around £200. The maximum weight is 100kg. This is not an issue unless you are transporting electric bikes, which is unlikely anyway.

4. Honda Jazz Hatchback

This brand from Japan is famous for its usability. The Honda Jazz hatchback is a supermini that has very impressive credentials. The rear seats flip up against the seat backs. This leaves behind an open rear that is flat, allowing you to load your bike with ease. If you prefer to car your bike outside, the two bar mounted carrier is around £400 and allows you to mount two bikes already (there is a folding version for about £550). There is no official bike carrier for the roof, but an average roof rack will cost about £300.

5. Ford Galaxy MPV

With its unique ability to seat seven people, the Ford Galaxy MPV is suitable for cyclists. Folding the back seat allows you to fit two bikes with their front wheels.  Just like the previous cars above, there is the option of having a tow bar and a roof rail for just a reasonable price.


The cars above are suitable if you are looking for the perfect vehicle that will carry your bikes when going on a cycling holiday or visiting on adventurous bike trails. All of the cars above have their own pros and cons, so just pick the one that perfectly suits your bike and your preferences.

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