Darts is a popular indoor sporting activity that involves throwing small missiles into a circular board fixed a few meters away from a wall. Acording to Edwin Willow from ElectronicDartBoardReviews.com Dart popularity has forced the best hotels in New Hampshire to take the game seriously so as to satisfy the thirst of their customers. These hotels use darts to attract new and old customers, thereby, reaping huge profits. They use best quality darts and also a kind of steel tip dart reviews for dart lovers.

Darts playing can be made available to both small upcoming pubs and already established luxurious restaurants since they don’t require a lot of cash to have them.

The best places to enjoy playing darts in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for bars and restaurants that offer sporting facilities. The following is a list of best places for playing darts in New Hampshire:

The Rolf’s Pub

This pub is located in the 39th Main Street. Apart from being a simple and cheap place where you can enjoy a beer, the Rolf’s Pub has won the hearts of its customers by the darts services they provide. Customers enjoy playing darts during their night outs. Here you enjoy your pizza throwing some darts.

Penuche’s Ale House

The Penuche’s Ale House is found in the 4th Canal Street. Customers have acknowledged it for entertaining them with darts and video games following the renovations that were made to it.


It’s a dive bar best known for pool and darts shooting. Food is in plenty and for those who have visited, they don’t regret. Alcoholic beverages will do well with the gaming activities inside the pub.

Pinardville Athletic Club

It’s located in the 15th Pershing Street. The most notable thing about this place is the fact that food is delicious and the drinks are extremely cheap. Darts are available and smoking is allowed within. It’s ideal for road trips.

Legends Billiards and Tavern

It’s located in the 80th Hanover Street, NH 03801. The restaurant is known for its outstanding services. Those who have gone there recommend it as a good place for spending some night outs shooting some darts.

Gary’s Restaurant and Sports Bar

The restaurant is located at 38 Milton Road, Rochester, NH 03868. It provides sporting activities like darts and pool tables. It’s the favorite bar for local Rochester.

How important is darts playing to people living in New Hemisphere?

Darts in New Hampshire is crucial in two ways:

Darts shooting is a way of passing time when one is not at work. It’s a recreational activity for locals during their off time. Some people spend their night outs in restaurants playing darts for fun.

Darts shooting has turned out to become a competitive activity in New Hampshire. Professional darts players compete in several league championships. This is how they earn a living.

However, darts sporting needs some maintenance. The darts board must be maintained to avoid customers finding it in a mess. Purchase new ones in case they get worn out. This will ensure enough flow of customers in your restaurants. In the past, some customers have complained and advised others not to visit some bars due to lack of good darts board.

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