A gun license is very essential for you to travel with a gun. Basically, it is illegal to own a gun without legal certification. Gun accessories have guidelines that have to be adhered to when you decide to carry them along in your journey. View Details at www.adventurefootstep.com and following are the most important considerations which play a crucial role when carrying any firearm.

Packing Your Gun For Flying Purposes Entails The Following;

Containers with very hard sides should be used at all times.

The container should be under a lock and key.

Unloading the gun before putting it in the container is very important.

When the guide says it is an empty chamber, the magazine should not be loaded at any given time.

A magazine that has been loaded can be packed in the same case with an unloaded gun. For accuracy purposes, just unload the magazine and it will cost you absolutely nothing. Packing a clear gun is the best practice when dealing with Gun Accessories during flights.

Short guns and rifles follow the same rules without any exception. Starter pistols and lower receivers of rifles also embrace the same packaging. Guns that do not fire bullets can be packed in checked luggage and they include airsoft, pellet, and paintball guns. Cartridges that are compressed with gases are shipped separately to your destination.

Declaring Any Firearm At Airports

It is required that you should inform your ticketing agent of the concerned airline you will have a packed gun. The following is required when declaring the firearm;

You will fill a card which requires your name, phone number, and address

Signing so as to affirm the firearm is secured in a hard container. The signature also confirms that your gun is unloaded.

The signed card is attached to the gun accessories case.

A confirmation that the hard container is actually locked. This is not the point where your case is opened. An opening is usually done in the screening zone.

Showing that you have a key to the hard container carrying your firearm.

Packing Your Ammo

Ammo is usually packed in your bag which has to be checked. Different airlines have limits on the number of ammo you are supposed to carry. Verifying with your airline is very crucial before packaging. Only eleven pounds are allowed in the southwest for any person carrying ammo.

TSA regulates that firearm carriers must ensure their ammunition is packed securely. Wooden, metallic, or fiber boxes are designated to hold such ammunition but in small numbers. Being safe is a better virtue than finding yourself in problems with the authority. This is because you can pay huge fines, flight being nullified, or find yourself in a lockup for failing to follow simple regulations.


The above guidelines are very simple to follow, therefore, avoid any problems with authorities by following them to the latter. It is also necessary to ensure you do not pose any danger to yourself and other passengers while onboard. It is very essential to embrace these practices if you are a lover of firearms and it is mandatory for you to fly with them.

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