To put your car on sale in New Hampshire means you have to know the DMV rules, but don’t worry! This article will offer you some assistance including the e3 spark plugs rule which you might not know.

Signing Over Your Vehicle Title

Sign over the title of your vehicle by following the steps below:

Turn the title backward and write your buyer’s name plus address. Also include the latest odometer reading of your car.
Affix your buyer’s signature, as well as yours, in the document.
Make sure to offer the title to your buyer.

Your car is now ready for sale.

What if the Car is Title-Exempt?

If your car is title-exempt, you must supply another document, which is the bill of sale. Also, you need to have a certificate of registration from New Hampshire or a valid certificate.

Will There be a Sales Tax?

New Hampshire will not require a sales tax on car purchases. It is one of the five states free from sales tax. So, if you are residing in New Hampshire, you won’t have to pay a sales tax.

However, if you are from another state, you can’t just purchase a car in New Hampshire to avoid sales tax because authorities will see to it that you don’t avoid tax. So, whether you’re a buyer or seller of a vehicle in New Hampshire, bear in mind that practicing tax evasion has its consequences.

How to Sell Your Car Effectively

Now that you are ready with all your paperwork, you can sell your car without a problem. However, you must attract a buyer who’s on a slightly tight budget. Here are some tips:

⦁ Know the worth of your vehicle. For a buyer on a tight budget, you can tell them the real value/worth of your vehicle.
⦁ Understand your car parts. If your vehicle has special spark plugs that are popular even across the state, then let your buyer know! Let the buyer know what’s unique about your car so that they’ll understand its worth!
⦁ Brag about fuel efficiency. A buyer will want to know the number of miles a car can travel per gallon of fuel. So, if you can brag about fuel efficiency, then do so!

Other Factors Also Matter

⦁ Talk about size. Whether your car is small or big, it has its advantages. For example, a pickup truck can carry loads of stuff for you when you are shopping for furniture, transferring equipment, etc. A smaller car, on the other hand, is more likely to be fuel-efficient and easy to maneuver.
⦁ Fix minor issues. Minor car issues are easy to fix, but you have to be honest with your buyer if the vehicle needs major repairs.
⦁ Make sure your car is clean. Of course, nobody wants to buy a car that looks old. Buyers will always want a clean or new looking car.

With all that said, are you ready and excited to sell your car in New Hampshire? The steps are easy!

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