Our Mission is to further promote New Hampshire as a well-known tourist destination. We aim to put New Hampshire on the map and make it popular both on a domestic and international level, promoting the state’s tourism and increasing the number of visitors or migrants coming into the state. Through our efforts, we aim to help bolster local economic activity so that the state can have more inflow of cash and a higher employment rate.

Some of our specific goals are as follows:

Boost Tourism

Our first concern is boosting tourism. We want to encourage more people to visit the state and take part in the wonderful tourist destinations found here. We want to promote the accommodations in this state in order to bring in more overnight visitors, backpackers, and conventions. This will help bring in more cash in the hospitality sector.

Create More Tourism Partners

With an increase in tourists, there will be more opportunities for partnerships. With more partners, it would be possible to work together with more organizations for programs to help promote the state even further.

Bring in More Businesses

If tourism increases, the opportunities for businesses will flourish as well. With a new demand, more businesses will come into the state to take advantage of the numbers. Local businesses will also have a bigger customer base in which they can increase the cash flow of the state.

Continuously Provide Updated Information

To help promote the state, we ensure that we provide only updated information about the state’s events, education, opportunities, leads, and more. This further allows us to boost relationships with individuals possibly interested in the state. With our huge database and our system, it is possible for users of the system to get any information about New Hampshire that they desire to have.